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let mercy come - a theon greyjoy fanmix

So this is the first time ever that I've done a fanmix, but since it was a challenge @throneland I thought I could try it out.
I've chosen Theon Greyjoy as my topic since I really love that character somehow and yeah.. I hope you enjoy it :)
I'll add download links in a week or so when I have my own hard drive back :)

Theon Greyjoy
a fanmix

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{h50} let me spell it out for you

pimping time: landofart

landofart is a 'land comm' created solely for graphic artists. It doesn't matter if you only make icons, or only picspams, wallpapers, whatever! There are challenges for one and all types if artists! The competition is made up of 3 teams; Team Gothic, Team Pop Art & Team Renaissance. These names are just for the sake of having teams and do NOT reflect the type of graphics you have to make! Plus, you can do any kind of graphics here (celebs, stock, fandom, etc) as long as it fits the challenge. JOIN TODAY!
landofart landofart landofart landofart landofart
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pimping time : scifi_turbo_rum

scifi_turbo_rum scifi_turbo_rum scifi_turbo_rum

^Click the banner to go to the sign ups!
This is a Turbo Rumble icontest that is a combination of a 20in20 (you are given a month to make 12 icons), a LIMS (you will be voting for two least favorites and two most favorites) and a rumble (there are no eliminations). ALL Science Fiction and Fantasy TV shows, movies, games, books are allowed! Check out this post for more information!
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new layout, new community & announcement

Maybe you have noticed, that in the past days I were searching for a new layout and now I finally got one, I really love <3
It's from inconformista and it's just amazing and there's nothing more to say about it. Fullstop.

I also have to announce that I will post all graphic related things at narbennarr from now on.
So if you like my stuff I would be pleased if you start watching it.
I also will make my journal friends only from the 1st October on.

I think that's it for now or maybe I've forgotten something, we'll see.

I wish you a good day, night or whatever time you have, when reading this =)

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