{h50} let me spell it out for you

be a winchester, not a losechester.

Ok guys! Let's get this show on the road.


The Battle Plan:
Reply to this post with two tropes of your choice.
DEADLINE: Jan 9th 2013

[The Hunters]
✘ = submitted tropes, ✔ = submitted icons
absolutelybatty ✘ ✔
longerthanwedo ✘ ✔
12feethigh ✘
24_amends ✘
scoobyatemysnax ✘ ✔
ace_of_spades6 ✘
rocketgirl2 ✘
vintagic ✘ ✔
vampire_sessah ✘ ✔

The Ultimate Goal:
Make 18 icons. One for each trope.
DEADLINE: Feb 1st 2013 Feb 8th 2013 (countdown clock)

[The Things We Hunt]
Religious Horror
Light Is Not Good
Little Miss Badass
Manly Tears
All-Powerful Bystander
Monster Lord
As Long As There Is Evil
Ambiguous Innocence
Mood Dissonance
Emotions Vs Stoicism
Bad Future
Match Cut
Blood from the Mouth
Asshole Victim
Puppy Dog Eyes
Kill It With Fire
Biblical Bad Guy
The Bro Code

Any questions or remarks? Leave them here! also feel free to leave your progress, simple conversations, whatever here.

Good Hunting!
{h50} let me spell it out for you

bye bye baby.

My friend list has become quite huge and I think it's time for me to let go of some of you because we haven't talked to each other in ages.
I really hope that you don't take this ill and please let me know if I accidentally removed you or you'd still like to stay!

So if you can't see this post then I removed you.

(also this whole post reaks of awkwardness but I really needed to do this ages ago :/)